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June 20, 2002

    An issue dedicated to the sims! Not the "Sims" family, but ASG sims.  Much better game if you ask me. Welcome to the News Flash this week.  There have been a few promotions in the last couple of weeks.  Please congratulate JadeASG for her promotion to the rank of Ensign, Orinvaldejajedi was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and JaguargoddessMeg was promoted to the rank of Ensign.  Congratulations all of you.  You've been doing great jobs.

    In other news, there is a rumor there might be a Gundum sim in the mix.  Let's hope more news will be put out about it soon.  Should be fun.

    I know some of you will also be going on vacation soon.  Summer is finally upon us and it's finally beginning to feel like it.  I hope you all are safe and well while you go on those summer trips, or just staying at home and attending all the local events.  See you soon.

Ann Johnson
Captain Ann Johnson


The Station is booming with the arrival of a new Ambassador.  Why not stop by and see what trouble they are getting into this week!  Fridays at 9:15 eastern.  Contact ASG Solr1 for more information.

Sim Schedule

Attention!  The BFA Freedom is now on Tuesdays at 9:15 Eastern.  Don't miss out of the fun!


I was given this column to review anything about Star Wars that caught my fancy. Well I thought for my first column I would discuss some of the questions Iíve been asked but donít know the answers to about Star Wars.

1) If Darth Sidious is Palpatine, how can he be in two places at one time?
2) Is Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku the Jedi Sifo-Dyas who ordered the Clone Army created?
3) When Vader "died" at the end of "Return of the Jedi" why didnít his suit disappear like Obi-Wan & Yodaís bodies did when they died?
4) Why didnít Anakin/Vader not know he had a daughter, and that it was Leia?
5) Where does Leia get the Bountyhunter suit she is wearing at Jabbaís palace when she turns Chewbacca over to Jabba?
6) Who was the Jedi that deleted Kamino from the Archives keeping it a secret?
Does Padme die in Episode 3?
7) Why does Threepio always get the worst end in every situation?
8) What happened to everybody after Return of the Jedi?
9) Why is it so hard to return to the light side from the dark side?
10) Will there be an Episode 7, 8, & 9 or more after?
11) What happened to Kamino after Episode 2 & 3?

These have been the only questions Iíve been asked so far that I donít have answers for and I guess the only person who can is George Lucas. Some of the questions will be answered in May of 2005, other we may not get the answers. If anyone has a suggestion on what I should write my column about for the week, just email me the idea at

Well thatís all from me for this 1st Column
LtJ Orin Val Deja / Darth Kamahl


After a short hiatus the Avenger is back and simming on Saturdays at 9:15 eastern.  Come test out your abilities and have fun with StarWars!


Check out the Log Boards this month!   The Starfleet Marine Corps sim is always looking for some more people.  Bio's are being posted now.  Contact DKnight for more information.

In other news on the boards, have you given your opinion of the StarWars Episode II?  It has some spoilers in there, but I'm sure your comments will be welcome.


Well, I really thought the following excerpts from the Lexis would be more enjoyable then anything I could come up with so without further ado, this should give you a good idea of what happens at the  Lexis sim.


The Game ASG: ::finishes mental examination:: Well I can honestly say you are mentally unstable.  (Speaking to Iron)


ASG Anne:   Sorry about having you sucked up by the aliens.  (To the crew)


LtCTreggar:      @ I bet they're just having the time of their lives down there and here I sit feeding a shark.


Orinvaldejajedi:    I'm gonna be in big trouble when i get back to Lexis aren't I, for loosing my phaser?


POPPINBOO:      @Chickens?
Lilstargirl996:@ are they normal chickens?
LtCIronASG:@::notices the chickens have two beaks:: Nope
POPPINBOO:@ Thats crazy.


LtJOrin ASG: Captain quick thought we should beam the away team up to the ship?
ASG Anne: I think they are going to be alien food if we don't solve this.


LtJ Orin ASG:  I didn't do it Captain.


JaguargoddessMeg:    ::looks around at everyone. as they seem to be running around like chicken's with their heads cut off!::


LtCmdrMobeus:   ::looks at DK:: Ya really shouldn't lick those exposed wires chief..


POPPINBOO:@Cows? I love cows
POPPINBOO:@Are there cows in there?

LtCIronASG:  @ ::looks at Stargirl:: I had a cat that moo'd...

Lilstargirl996:   @ ::scratches her head:: I still think there mutant cows.


POPPINBOO:      @Oww

POPPINBOO:            @You little...::shoots it::


LtCIronASG:            It's udderly hilarious


Hunter2299:            Your going to milk this one for al it's worth aren't you Iron.


ASGVicky:            ::;shakes head::: this is going down hill very fast.



LtJ Orin ASG:  yes, if we can beam the away team to our ship, I can pilot the shuttle to the planet with a detonator inside and when its there beam out of the shuttle and when the shuttle is on their ship and the away team is back here we blow it

Dkinght:      bad waste of a good shuttle...