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October 11, 2002

                            Welcome to the News Flash.  This month has been a very busy one in the ASG.  We have had a few changes in Command.  Orin has taken over command of the USS Lexis which meets on Saturday nights and Dark Kinght has taken over command of the USS Fireball on Sunday nights.

                            In addition, it is a great pleasure to announce that the Freedom is back under the command of Solr.  Be on the look out for his announcement, it should be an interesting first sim for those of you who are Babylon 5 fans.  

                            Gundam is still here and Iron has the troops working hard to make this sim work.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Iron about them.

                            Halloween is also on it's way and I expect there are going to be a few ghosts and goblins running around your neighborhoods.  Please be careful of the little ones as they enjoy this fun and spooky night.        

     Ann Johnson
    Captain Ann Johnson

A conversation about Hunters recent performance on the Lexis.

Hunter2299: I hope you all enjoyed my brief yet Explosive performance
LtCTreggar: Dynamite, Hunter.  Dynamite.
Hunter2299: I think the part of a mad bomber was just written for me :D


Sim Schedule

No more blah, blah, blah!
... Kirk, "Miri," stardate 2713.6..

Have you looked at the logboards lately?  If not, I'm going to have to send you a pair of Jaffo's smelly socks!!   So check them out at:, before Jaffo runs out of smelly socks and I have to get out the Pezz.  

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Starting October 16th at 9:15

-----Captainís Log-----
After all of the action weíve seen lately the Alliance saw to it to give the Freedom and her crew some time off. The ship underwent some repairs and modifications and the crew finally got the vacation it deserved. I know that I rather enjoyed my time, Iím looking forward to hearing about all of their adventures when we return. The Freedom is being sent out to the rim, our mission is one of exploration at this time.

        Top ten reasons the chicken crossed the road, as answered by Star Trek TOS Characters.

James Tiberius Kirk:  To boldly go where no chicken has gone before.
Mr. Scott:  'Cos ma wee transporter beam was na functioning properly.  Ah canna work miracles, Captain!
Scotty:  I donna know, Captain, but it's crossing as fast as it can!
Scotty:  Because she couldna take much morrrrrre.
Uhura:  Shall I open hailing frequencies so you can ask it, sir?
Chekov:  It must have been on its way to assist in saving my life for the billionth time...did I scream this time?
Harvey Mudd:  Chicken?  I don't remember any chicken.  No no no, there's been a terrible misunderstanding.
Sarek:  Sometimes logic fails me where chickens are concerned.
Khan:  With my last breath I spit at the chicken...
V'Ger:  To join with the Creator.

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