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September 14, 2002

Welcome to this issue of the Newsflash, I'm going to be releasing some comments on the ASG boards,  I hope you will visit the boards and give us some feedback.  We also have a great interview with Captain Iron this month.  As most of you know he recently started the ASG Gundam sim on Saturday nights.  Be sure to visit the great line up of sims tonight starting with the Gundam sim, then Star Wars Avenger, then finally, the USS Lexis.  Check out the sim schedule for more information.

Ann Johnson
Captain Ann Johnson


Sim Schedule

"You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view." 

~Ben Kenobi

Check out the survey results posted to the boards.  Let us know what you think about them.  Remember when your responding, no idea is a bad idea, at least it's an start.  We hope we can brain storm with each other.


Orins Interview with Scott Iron

LtJ Orin ASG: Well, thanks for coming Iron.

ASG Iron: No problem.

LtJ Orin ASG: To get this interview started.  Just  to let some of our fellow ASG simmers know, Which sim(s) do you run as a CO or XO?

ASG Iron: Well, I run the 04th & 05th MS Teams as CO, and the USS Lexis as XO.

LtJ Orin ASG: ok, why did you pick the genre you did for the new sim?

ASG Iron: Well, I've been pondering a sim based on some sort of Anime for quite a while. At first I proposed one on Robotech, but that was about two years ago. This time I felt Gundam was perfect as it was so popular.

ASG Iron: There are quite a bit of people who like Gundam, and that was a plus.

LtJ Orin ASG: Some of the people in the ASG do not know what its about, could you give your interpretation of what Gundam is?

ASG Iron: Gundam, in my view, started out as a way to picture humanity in the distant future.  But it became more than that as it symbolized revolution, evolution, and the horrors of war. The  Gundam series and movies based in the Universal Century are precisely that.  The ones in Alternate Realities are more for fun than anything.

LtJ Orin ASG: Wwhat is the difference between the 04th and 05th teams?

ASG Iron: The main differences between them would be their CO's and the types of Mobile Suits really. Other than that they are pretty much the same thing: Two Platoons of Mobile Suits.

LtJ Orin ASG: kind of like in modern military?

ASG Iron: Exactly.

LtJ Orin ASG: If you would have chosen a different sim genre would you have used?

ASG Iron: The police genre. I thought that was also a good idea, and even more so if you throw in some of the supernatural.

LtJ Orin ASG:  Do you think a show like "Earth: Final Conflict" or "Andromeda" would make a good sim?

ASG Iron: Well, both are ok shows, but the basis for a sim just isn't there. I wish I could say yes, but they both are too focused on one person.

LtJ Orin ASG: As most would know you are XO of Lexis, a Ster Trek sim, what would you say is the biggest mistake in the Star Trek Movie and TV series?

ASG Iron: The biggest mistake was probably killing off Kirk and making StarTrek: Insurrection such a bad freakin' movie. I have no idea how Insurrection got past the Paramount approval committee.

LtJ Orin ASG: I actually had problems with the new show Enterprise, did you see anything wrong with it?

ASG Iron: Absolutely not. I think Enterprise is a great show.  Choosing Scott Bakula for Archer was a stroke of Genius.

LtJ Orin ASG: Have You made plans to see the new Star Trek movie?

ASG Iron: You bet. I'm all revved up and ready to go!

LtJ Orin ASG: Now to another genre ASG uses, Star Wars.  What did you think of Episode 2?

ASG Iron: I thought it was pretty good as I'm not much of a StarWars fan.

LtJ Orin ASG: What impressed you the most about the movie?

ASG Iron: Probably the clones. Pretty cool to have a whole bunch of yourself running around if I do say so.

LtJ Orin ASG: Well thank you for your time Iron, I'll give you this opportunity to promote your sim, gives us something to tell people why they should come to your sim.

ASG Iron: Well, it's just Darn good fun!

LtJ Orin ASG: Once again thank you and I'll ask that maybe after the Trek movie hits you can come back.

The main web page experienced some server problems in the last week, but ASG Seth says that the server parts have been ordered and a suitable temporary replacement has been found.  He will still be working on the old systemwhen the new parts come in, so if the page is down for the day, not to worry, it will be back up again as soon as he can fix it.